What are the differences Between Factoring and Invoice Discounting?

What are the differences Between Factoring and Invoice Discounting?

Posted by on Feb 22, 2016 in Business Recovery Advice, Financial Information

What are the differences Between Factoring and Invoice Discounting?

Nowadays, there are more businesses that are starting to rise and make their own name according to the nature of their businesses. Many people are investing their savings into different kinds of businesses with high hopes that their money will grow and they will become rich and famous in the business industry. This is because businesses are the most effective way in leveraging money that can grow, and where the families and relatives of the owners can still benefit from the growing businesses. In fact, most rich people started their journey from managing small businesses which later become successful and popular in their states, and even all over the world.

home_consultancyHowever, all businesses experience different kinds of struggles that they need to overcome in order to continue or even expand their business operations. Some businesses became successful right after surpassing the circumstances they have faced, but a few are still figuring out how to save their business from bankruptcy. In order to help, some businesses need some advice from experts who can guide them in finding the perfect solutions for their ongoing struggles. Financial experts and business recovery professionals can be found on the internet since they are expanding their business operations to help more struggling companies from border to border. Business owners may visit the site bridgenewland.co.uk if they want to seek some assistance for their companies.

One of the services that business recovery companies are offering is financial services called invoice discounting and factoring. These financial services enable all kinds of businesses to release their funds that are tied up with invoices that are unpaid. Both financial services have third parties that are involved. Invoice discounting and factoring are sometimes used interchangeably because they have similar purposes, but they are very different from each other. In factoring, funds are allocated to control the different kinds of tasks involved in financial schemes including persuading customers for their payment. However, in invoice discounting, the business owners are allowed to control their clients in updating their outstanding payments. Also, it is suitable for huger businesses that have excess turnover with in-house control systems for controlling credits. In contrast, factoring can be used by smaller companies. In invoice discounting, the clients are not aware about the involvement of lenders, while in factoring, clients are informed in their invoice payments since factoring is a type of disclosed arrangement.


These financial services can benefit a wide variety of business operations such as in recruitment, manufacturing, construction, wholesalers, couriers and a lot more. They can also be the perfect solutions for slow payments that can affect the financial statuses of both large and small businesses. They can help in creating a more flexible financial scheme in order to have clean and equitable balances of expenditures, profits, revenues and credits. For companies that are struggling in their financial statements, they can seek some assistance from companies that offer invoice discounting and factoring. These financial experts can surely help them find better solutions in all the circumstances that businesses face. For further information, business owners may visit this link bridgenewland.co.uk so that they can be aware of the different kinds of financial assistance that business recovery companies are offering.

This video explains what invoice finance is and its two approaches - invoice discounting and factoring