Things you must have done before you Die

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To think about your own death is often viewed negatively. This is because people always evade the truth that sooner or later, their life will come to an end. The sooner you come into terms with this reality the more prepared you are for any eventualities involving life and death. There certain things that you need to consider when you think about your own death. It is only when you have accepted this truth that you are able to live your life in a more meaningful way. Living like you are dying will help you see things in another light. Experts at recommend careful planning of for your death and controlling the aftermath begins while you are still in your productive years.

There are many important things that you must have done before you die to call it a life lived well. Some of these things may sound simple but their effects on the people you love and how it will help them grieve effectively can be significant.

Always say How you Feel

As cliché as it may sound, there is value in being vocal about your emotions and feelings. Telling people and letting them know that you love them and that you care for them are the words and memories that they would hold on to so they can move on from your loss. The most common cause of ineffective grieving is sometimes not being able to determine how their loved ones felt about them and not having the chance to verify these feelings.


Talk to your Family about Estate Planning

The properties and the things that you have invested in are valuable. The value is not only determined by its financial and monetary price, but it is also measured in terms of the memories you have spent on these properties. Talk to your families about your plans and what you want to happen with these estates once you leave. Settling this with them while you are still alive will help them deal with this aspect effectively after your death. Services from can help you go through the complexities of estate planning.


The only way for you to broaden your horizon is to travel. Even estate planning companies such as recommend travelling with your loved ones once in a while. This ensures that you spend time to acquire experience and to build more happy memories with the people who mean a lot to you. The task of estate planning will require you to also know your loved ones well, so that you can decide how to best secure your properties and who to appoint to best carry on the task.

Nobody wants to deal with grief. It is the most unwanted feeling in the world that people will always find challenging to deal with. Though it is a difficult time, it does not mean that there is nothing that can be done to ease the load. Talking about your death and preparing for any eventualities will help you and your family move on with lesser pain.

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What are the Key Components of Performance Bond Wording?

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What are the Key Components of Performance Bond Wording?

If you’re an employer that hires contractors, it’s highly advisable to secure a performance bond, which will serve as a third-party guarantor to cover the costs of damages if the contractor fails to fulfill his/her requirements stated in the contract. The wording of the performance bond such as those provided by, and here are some of the most important items to include in them:

1. Contract type/amount

These are some of the most important bits of information that should be included in performance bonds such as those provided by contract_salesman_signature_pen_400_clr_6424While it’s basic information, it’s also important because it defines the type of business agreement that the employer and contractor had, and the amount of money it involves. These are critical issues that a performance bond company will consider when determining whether or not to issue a bond to an employer.

2. Location/duration of work

These are other issues that are critical in the wording of the performance bond. Work can be contracted out to a myriad of places, so it’s important that the exact location be included the performance bond. It’s also important to include how long the work will take, whether it would be a week, month, or several months. As with other issues to include in a performance bond, it’s critical to include the location and duration of the work since they’re key components.

3. Beneficiary

This is another important issue as it will state which company will receive the bond. This might seem like a basic issue, but it’s actually quite critical to Icon3.3include it in the bond’s wording, to avoid any future issues regarding the beneficiary of the bond. It’s probably hopeful that your company would never have to use the bond, but it’s always helpful in ensuring that you would be compensated in the case a contractor doesn’t fulfill their responsibilities.

4. Bond release event

It’s important to note in a bond’s wording the event in which the bond would be released. This can involve various factors, so it’s important to make the issue as specific as precise as possible in the wording of the performance bond. This is a matter that will likely be determined by the executives of a company, and is based on details related to the contract between the employer and contractor.

5. Bond wording proposal

Keep in mind that the exact wording of the bond can be changed before the final version is completed. This can involve basic or major changes, but when applying for a performance bond it’s important to include a proposal for the bond wording. It doesn’t have to be “perfect” because it’s a work in progress. However, a performance bond-issuing company can then make adjustments before the final version is created. They have experts who will know what parts to add/delete, to make it as precise as possible.

An introduction to the basics of the private performance bond relationship in the construction law context

These are some of the key issues related to the wording of performance bonds. By using the checklist you’ll maximize your chance of having it approved by a performance bond company.

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The Difference between Accounting and Bookkeeping

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The Difference between Accounting and Bookkeeping

When we hear about accounting and bookkeeping, it sometimes confuses us because we are not fully aware about their differences. There are some who knows that they are the same and just doing the same job. But then for your awareness there are differences between bookkeeping and accounting. They have their own roles and responsibilities. The accountant and bookkeeper have the same goal but then they have different job in doing financial cycle.


8e929c_5f1ea72459d0420c8c0a8d57567f59ddThe bookkeeping process is about recording the daily transactions. This is the key component of building a stronger business foundation. The bookkeeping process is composed of: recording daily financial transactions, posting of the debits and the credits, providing and producing invoices, balancing and maintaining subsidiaries, the general ledger, and important historical accounts and Payroll completion

Daily a business needs to maintain a general ledger that contains their daily transactions. They need to post in the ledger all the sales and the receipts in a day. The ledger where the transactions can be posted by the use of software, spreadsheet or a sheet of lined paper. Even other supporting documents other items should be posted in the ledger. For accounting and bookkeeping jobs visit:


The accounting process is the next level process where they are getting information from previously compiled records and then produce financial statement out of all those records. The accounting process is more complex than bookkeeping. The accounting process consists of: Preparing the adjusting entries or recording those expenses that occurred but was not recorded yet by the bookkeepers analyzing the costs of the operations, preparing the company’s financial statements, completion of the income tax returns, assisting or explaining to the business owner the impact that will happen based on their financial decisions.

After having the recorded information, the accountants under accounting process will be reporting the financial statement that they have done and will be discussing to the business owners about the profit and also possible adjustments needed. Accounting process will help the business with their strategic planning, tax filing and to financial planning or forecasting.

Learn about accounting job and different areas of accounting

A bookkeeper in the bookkeeping process should have experience of at least 2 years or they should have associate degree. So they can work with accuracy and knowledge with the financial topics. While the accountant in the accounting process should finished a degree and got their certification in being a certified public accountant. This is for them to be able to do more complex job than bookkeepers. The website to visit for accounting jobs is:


Both of the bookkeeper and the accountant are aiming one goal and that is to maintain the financial status of the company. They are working together to make sure that the records are in good hands and so they can produce an honest report of how is the company is doing. Both are playing important role in the finance of the business world. For better understanding about accounting or bookkeeping you can visit the website: or you can contact them.

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What are the differences Between Factoring and Invoice Discounting?

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What are the differences Between Factoring and Invoice Discounting?

Nowadays, there are more businesses that are starting to rise and make their own name according to the nature of their businesses. Many people are investing their savings into different kinds of businesses with high hopes that their money will grow and they will become rich and famous in the business industry. This is because businesses are the most effective way in leveraging money that can grow, and where the families and relatives of the owners can still benefit from the growing businesses. In fact, most rich people started their journey from managing small businesses which later become successful and popular in their states, and even all over the world.

home_consultancyHowever, all businesses experience different kinds of struggles that they need to overcome in order to continue or even expand their business operations. Some businesses became successful right after surpassing the circumstances they have faced, but a few are still figuring out how to save their business from bankruptcy. In order to help, some businesses need some advice from experts who can guide them in finding the perfect solutions for their ongoing struggles. Financial experts and business recovery professionals can be found on the internet since they are expanding their business operations to help more struggling companies from border to border. Business owners may visit the site if they want to seek some assistance for their companies.

One of the services that business recovery companies are offering is financial services called invoice discounting and factoring. These financial services enable all kinds of businesses to release their funds that are tied up with invoices that are unpaid. Both financial services have third parties that are involved. Invoice discounting and factoring are sometimes used interchangeably because they have similar purposes, but they are very different from each other. In factoring, funds are allocated to control the different kinds of tasks involved in financial schemes including persuading customers for their payment. However, in invoice discounting, the business owners are allowed to control their clients in updating their outstanding payments. Also, it is suitable for huger businesses that have excess turnover with in-house control systems for controlling credits. In contrast, factoring can be used by smaller companies. In invoice discounting, the clients are not aware about the involvement of lenders, while in factoring, clients are informed in their invoice payments since factoring is a type of disclosed arrangement.


These financial services can benefit a wide variety of business operations such as in recruitment, manufacturing, construction, wholesalers, couriers and a lot more. They can also be the perfect solutions for slow payments that can affect the financial statuses of both large and small businesses. They can help in creating a more flexible financial scheme in order to have clean and equitable balances of expenditures, profits, revenues and credits. For companies that are struggling in their financial statements, they can seek some assistance from companies that offer invoice discounting and factoring. These financial experts can surely help them find better solutions in all the circumstances that businesses face. For further information, business owners may visit this link so that they can be aware of the different kinds of financial assistance that business recovery companies are offering.

This video explains what invoice finance is and its two approaches - invoice discounting and factoring

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How to Practically Free Yourself from Debts?

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How to Practically Free Yourself from Debts?

Naturally, we humans are impulsive, most especially when it comes to purchasing items that are not even a necessity. The world fashion trends may be a suspect why we are suffering from intense impulsion and why we can easily be allured with things that are “wants” more than our “needs”. Nonetheless, the decision would always depend on us. Studies have showed that 75% of the people who own a credit card are suffering from paying debts that are way beyond the total amount that they are earning. Each one of us has our own stand when it comes to using credit cards, but sad to say, there are lots of people who mismanage the use of these cards.

One of the common reasons why people fail to save is because every time they have something extra, they always prefer to make a purchase rather than saving. The danger of being into this kind of attitude is to develop the “shopaholic” condition which is the urge to buy things even though these people do not have enough money left in their pocket.

If you are one of the guilty people who are suffering from this condition, the following will help you out on how to free yourself from debts:

Sickguy2Learn to educate yourself – By all means, it is just you who knows the problem and how to solve it. It is just that you are hesitant to follow what is right. There are times that we always wanted to follow the path that is wrong rather than the right thing to do because it fuels us. Say for instance, instead of saving your money in the bank, what you do is to spend it until nothing left. That is why you should learn to educate yourself in order for you to move on to the next step. If you want to have someone to listen to your financial problems, go to so that experts will help you out.

Learn to welcome suggestions – In the event that you can no longer take control of that impulsion, you can always join groups that are anti shopaholic. By doing so, you can hear their side of the story, not with the intention of stressing you out, but for you to learn from their mistakes and further realize the debts that you can accumulate in the bank by frequently swiping your precious credit card.


Learn to open up with experts – In the event that self education and by involving yourself in group confessions are not that effective, then it’s time for you to talk to experts. There are several companies that offer assessments and help to people who are suffering from debts. It is always hard to pay out all our debts if what we are earning is just enough for our every day expenses. Most of these experts know the strategies of how to handle such stress of making you save money and help you learn several ways on how to give it a shot. If you do not know one, you can always visit and ask for some help.

Learn More: Real solutions to get out of debt

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