Get the Right Bridging Finance For You

You may be looking for a bridging finance solution to acquire a new property and successfully go through with your existing one. You might also be thinking which one is the most...

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Things you must have done before you Die

To think about your own death is often viewed negatively. This is because people always evade the truth that sooner or later, their life will come to an end. The sooner you come...

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What are the Key Components of Performance Bond Wording?

If you’re an employer that hires contractors, it’s highly advisable to secure a performance bond, which will serve as a third-party guarantor to cover the costs of damages if the...

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The Difference between Accounting and Bookkeeping

When we hear about accounting and bookkeeping, it sometimes confuses us because we are not fully aware about their differences. There are some who knows that they are the same...

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How To Be Qualified for an Advance Payment Bond

Posted by on Feb 29, 2016 in Performance Bonds

How To Be Qualified for an Advance Payment Bond

Like all other bonds, there is always a prequalification process that the client needs to undergo in order to assess and evaluate their capacity to pay and sustain the financial cash flow of their company. Also, this will serve as their basis for them to learn about how the business is managed as well as the future plans of the company. The process may not be easy though that is why most of the applicants would prefer to subscribe to a surety in order for them to know the step by step process and requirements that needs to be complied before they will submit their papers for further evaluation. Moreover, for you to also learn about the prequalification process along with the requirements, the following is a checklist for you to prefer:

Submission of the Company’s Organizational Chart – Though it may sound unnecessary but the submission of organizational chart is of utmost importance because from there, the surety company can assess how organized the company is starting from the managing team up to the low level employees.

building-801716_1920Detailed and Updated resumes of the employees – When it comes to quality service assurance, hiring the right people to fill in the spot is very important. There is always a big factor to consider when the company has the right employees because they can always do the job correctly. Say for instance, you are planning to start a hospital business so; you should not hire Computer Engineers to fill in the Nursing post. A detailed and updated resumes are very important to assess if the employees are still updated with regards to their training and to also include their recent achievements.

What is the company’s business plan? – As part of the assessment, there is always an advantage when the surety company knows the business plan and objectives of the client to their business. The business plan serves as the perception of the company of how would they perceive their company years from now.

Letter of recommendation- The letter of recommendation will serve as a reference guide to the surety company of how good does the management get along with their clients and previous transacted companies or individuals. This means that the better the feedback, the greater the chance of approval. If you wish to talk to experts to learn more about the importance of an advance payment bond, you can visit

Continuity plan of the company – Present and future plans for the company always counts. When it comes to this kind of investment, you can always assure continuity of care together with your continued subscription. Every businessman would love to have their business extended and grow. That is why it is important for the company to provide a future plan for their business to assure continuity of subscription.

Credit line evidence – The capacity to pay the dues is always a must. If you have a good and clean credit line, there is a greater chance that your application will be approved. Log on to and start your assessment now.

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What are the Key Components of Performance Bond Wording?

Posted by on Feb 22, 2016 in Financial Information, Performance Bonds

What are the Key Components of Performance Bond Wording?

If you’re an employer that hires contractors, it’s highly advisable to secure a performance bond, which will serve as a third-party guarantor to cover the costs of damages if the contractor fails to fulfill his/her requirements stated in the contract. The wording of the performance bond such as those provided by, and here are some of the most important items to include in them:

1. Contract type/amount

These are some of the most important bits of information that should be included in performance bonds such as those provided by contract_salesman_signature_pen_400_clr_6424While it’s basic information, it’s also important because it defines the type of business agreement that the employer and contractor had, and the amount of money it involves. These are critical issues that a performance bond company will consider when determining whether or not to issue a bond to an employer.

2. Location/duration of work

These are other issues that are critical in the wording of the performance bond. Work can be contracted out to a myriad of places, so it’s important that the exact location be included the performance bond. It’s also important to include how long the work will take, whether it would be a week, month, or several months. As with other issues to include in a performance bond, it’s critical to include the location and duration of the work since they’re key components.

3. Beneficiary

This is another important issue as it will state which company will receive the bond. This might seem like a basic issue, but it’s actually quite critical to Icon3.3include it in the bond’s wording, to avoid any future issues regarding the beneficiary of the bond. It’s probably hopeful that your company would never have to use the bond, but it’s always helpful in ensuring that you would be compensated in the case a contractor doesn’t fulfill their responsibilities.

4. Bond release event

It’s important to note in a bond’s wording the event in which the bond would be released. This can involve various factors, so it’s important to make the issue as specific as precise as possible in the wording of the performance bond. This is a matter that will likely be determined by the executives of a company, and is based on details related to the contract between the employer and contractor.

5. Bond wording proposal

Keep in mind that the exact wording of the bond can be changed before the final version is completed. This can involve basic or major changes, but when applying for a performance bond it’s important to include a proposal for the bond wording. It doesn’t have to be “perfect” because it’s a work in progress. However, a performance bond-issuing company can then make adjustments before the final version is created. They have experts who will know what parts to add/delete, to make it as precise as possible.

An introduction to the basics of the private performance bond relationship in the construction law context

These are some of the key issues related to the wording of performance bonds. By using the checklist you’ll maximize your chance of having it approved by a performance bond company.

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Get the Right Bridging Finance For You

Posted by on Oct 13, 2017 in Financial Information

You may be looking for a bridging finance solution to acquire a new property and successfully go through with your existing one. You might also be thinking which one is the most suitable for your present condition. There are different finance bridging companies, but not all offer excellent service. If you want to be in safe hands and be with an organization with well-experienced brokers and professional packages, then is the right one for you.

Getting a bridging finance is not just a simple task and should not be impulsively decided. There are a lot of risks associated with its advantages and benefits if a client will pick the wrong guy or lender company. The leading private funders and bridging lenders in the United Kingdom are from It is critical that your financial partner in the realization of your dreams can be trusted. This will save you from a lot of problems along the ways.

Private lenders that are not supervised by regulating bodies should be avoided. They may offer tempting and attractive loan package, but one should have to watch out for hidden fees in the long run.  Being a first-timer to use this kind of financial service makes it riskier to trust just a random bridging finance company. If one is not used to this type of loan, he/she should seek advice from financial experts and professionals. Usually, some charges are not clearly stated. The cost of the bridging finance can mount up over time without you eve realizing it.

Having an exit strategy is critical when availing a bridge loan, this can be in the form of an average or typical mortgage, a buy-to-let finance or by selling your properties altogether. One should avoid being heavily indebted in bridging finance. This will not happen if the client has responsible bridging finance partners like at who do not only think to gain profits but more importantly to help their customers live a better life.

Bridging finance is very helpful especially if the need is urgent. One cannot get this kind of service in conventional loans in banks which might take weeks and months because of different steps. This type of loan is also more helpful for those who carefully think about it beforehand before availing it. Knowing what things can come ahead is very useful in managing your finances. Availing this type of loan can bring us wonders and different benefits if is handled right.

People want to have comfortable lives; they want to acquire properties that will improve their social status. Other wants to enhance their businesses continuously. There will always be a gap between all these dreams, that’s why a bridge is needed. Bridges that will connect aspirations into reality and help us go all through the way. Bridging finance is there to help us. It is made not with the purpose that we will be over-indebted but with the aim of improving our lives. Of course, it must be coupled with self-discipline and great responsibility.

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What IS A Secured Loan?

Posted by on Sep 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

The simple definition of a secured loan Chester is that’s a loan secured against an asset, normally property. So if you can’t repay the loan, the lender can then seize the asset and get its money back by selling the asset. Obviously, a mortgage is secured against the borrower’s home so, strictly speaking, it’s a secured loan.

However, when you hear banks and journalists talk about secured loans, they normally don’t mean mortgages. Instead they mean smaller loans that are secured against residential property, normally in addition to a conventional mortgage.

So let’s say that you own a house that is currently worth £300,000 and your outstanding mortgage is £100,000. The difference between those two numbers is £200,000, so you have equity worth £200,000 in your home. You can take out a secured loan against that equity and that loan would normally be for a sum between £25,000 and £100,000.

If you hit financial trouble and you couldn’t repay your mortgage and secured loan, your mortgage lender would be first in line for any sale proceeds following a repossession. But once the mortgage lender had been paid off, your secured loan provider would be next to receive payment from the sale proceeds.

Secured loans are also sometimes known as homeowner loans or second charge mortgages.

Fans of secured loans point to three main plus points for this product.
If your credit rating is less than perfect, you may struggle to borrow via other routes such as a personal loan.

But because a secured loan is backed by property, the lender may be willing to look at riskier borrowers.

That said, your credit rating is still relevant when you apply for a secured loan. The worse your credit rating, the higher your interest rate. And if your credit rating is very poor, you may not be able to get a secured loan at all.

Interest rates for secured loans can be relatively low. Right now, the cheapest secured loans are at around the 8.5% mark. Rates are certainly a lot cheaper than for payday or guarantor loans. Secured loans can last for ten years or longer. So that gives you plenty of time to pay off the debt. On the downside though, the longer you take to pay off the loan, the more interest you’ll have to pay.

However, I think that secured loans have some major flaws that outweigh the advantages.

  1. You could lose your home
    This is the big one. If you miss payments on your loan, you could end up losing your home.

For that reason we’d always suggest people go for an unsecured personal loan if they can. It’s true that a lender could still repossess your home if you fall behind on a personal loan, but the process is much more complicated than for a secured loan and happens much less frequently.

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Surviving Divorce

Posted by on Sep 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

The very early stages of a divorce or separation can be a very painful and difficult time. Not only are you grieving for the loss of your relationship and coming to terms with this but you are expected to continue with your day to day life, such as work and looking after your children and seeking advice from places like without breaking down.

Many parents say the initial stages of family breakdown feel like an emotional haze and a bit like being on auto-pilot so calling is something that gets pushed aside. As you begin to cope with divorce or separation, you will feel a mixture of emotions including shock, anger, hurt or even relief. It is important to accept that this is a very natural part of the process of moving forwards and it will take time. As hard as it is, it is a case of taking each day as it comes without setting yourself unrealistic goals or expectations. It is common to feel up and down and no two days may be the same for a while.

You may get fed up of hearing that time is a great healer but there is a lot of truth in this even though it is the last thing you may feel when in the middle of such a horrendous time. It is hard to envisage your feelings and emotions in the near or distant future but as time passes, things may start getting a little easier as you start accepting and managing this change. Please see our video and read our tips below to help you.

Tips to help you cope with divorce or separation

  • Lean on your friends and family so you are able to talk things through
  • Get in touch with one someone at for continued support
  • Write down how you feel in a journal or notepad as it may help
  • You might want to write a letter or an email but there is no pressure to send this to anyone but just writing it down could help
  • Take each day as it comes
  • You may want to keep yourself busy but try not to over burden yourself at the same time
  • Make time each day for yourself, even a relaxed bath in the evening
  • Try to stick to a routine for the children
  • Try not to make any major decisions that you may perhaps later wish you had not
  • Remember that moving on is the end of the tunnel and you are taking small steps to get there
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What Is Blockchain?

Posted by on Sep 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

Blockchain isn’t a household buzzword, like the cloud or the Internet of Things. It’s not an in-your-face innovation you can see and touch as easily as a smartphone or a package from Amazon. But when it comes to our digital lives—every digital transaction; exchange of value, goods and services; or private data —blockchain is the answer to a question we’ve been asking since the dawn of the internet age: How can we collectively trust what happens online?

Every year we run more of our lives—more core functions of our governments, economies, and societies—on the internet. We do our banking online with commodity secure trade platforms. We shop online. We log into apps and services that make up our digital selves and send information back and forth. Think of blockchain as a historical fabric underneath recording everything that happens exactly as it occurs. Then the chain stitches that data into encrypted blocks that can never be modified and scatters the pieces across a worldwide network of distributed computers or “nodes.”

Blockchain based ledger always has an immutable “ledger” that you can see, verify, and control. At the same time, it has no single point of failure from which records or digital assets can be hacked or corrupted. Because of its distributed-ledger technology, blockchain has applications across every kind of digital record and transaction, and we’re already beginning to see major industries leaning into the shift.

First up are the big banks and tech giants. Big business will always drive innovation, and the rise of blockchain-based smart contracts (read on for more explanation of them) turns blockchain into a middleman to execute all manner of complex business deals, legal agreements, and automated exchanges of data. Companies such as Microsoft and IBM are using their cloud infrastructure to build custom blockchains for customers and experiment with their own use cases. On the academic side, researchers are exploring blockchain applications for projects ranging from digital identity to medical and insurance records.

At the same time, dozens of startups are using the technology for everything from global payments to music sharing, from tracking diamond sales to the legal marijuana industry. That’s why blockchain’s potential is so vast: When it comes to digital assets and transactions, you can put absolutely anything on a blockchain. A host of economic, legal, regulatory, and technological hurdles must be scaled before we see widespread adoption of blockchain technology, but first movers are making incredible strides. Within the next handful of years, large swaths of your digital life may begin to run atop a blockchain foundation—and you may not even realize it.

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